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Check In:  3 pm to 10 pm local time

Letting us know your expected time of arrival helps us plan to be reached easily during this time should you need any assistance or have questions.  If your arrival time changes, please update us on your new estimated time of arrival as soon as possible.

If you need a different check in time, it must be discussed with the host at least 48 hours in advance. 

Check Out:  12 pm local time

Should you need a different check out time, it must be discussed with the host at least 24 hours in advance.


Check Out Procedure: 

  • Please leave the apartment by the 12 pm local check-out time. This gives us time to clean the apartment and prepare for the next guests.

  • Please strip all bed linens and place in the washing machine.

  • Please put all used towels and wash cloths in a pile in the bathtub / shower.  

  • Please empty any water and coffee grounds from the coffee maker and rinse.

  • Please load and start the dishwasher, and clean any spatters or spills.

  • Please adjust the thermostat to 70 degrees.

  • Please put all trash in the receptacle near the back door.

  • Please empty the refrigerator and shelves of any food you brought in.

  • Please walk through all rooms to make sure you have not left any personal belongings.

  • Please turn off all lights, and close all exterior doors when you leave. 

  • Please send us a text that you’re leaving. 

  • Please leave a review of your visit on your booking platform.  We appreciate your feedback.


Registered Guests:  Only registered guests are allowed.  If you need to change the number of people who will be staying, they need to be registered. The maximum number is four (4) per apartment. The fee is $20 for each additional person.

Pet Policy:  We welcome your furry friends with prior approval. Pet rent is $75 per stay, plus a supplemental damage deposit in addition to the standard security deposit.


Glenview is a busy road, so please keep your pets safe by using a leash at all times when outside the apartment. Also, please be aware that in Enfield animals may not be tethered to a stationary object unattended or allowed to run at large.

Unattended pets inside must be crated or caged.  If requested, we will provide pet bowls; we do not have pet beds.

Please clean up after your pet inside and outside. Any damage or breakage caused by your pets is your responsibility.

Food Policy:  Please don’t leave any food items out that could attract pests.  Similarly, clean up dirty dishes, pots and pans to prevent unwanted guests.

Tobacco Policy:  No smoking is allowed inside the duplex or rear porch.  Please limit all smoking to outdoors, and dispose of any cigarette butts or smoking materials in the receptacle provided near the back door.

Do Not Use The Premises For Any Illegal Activity: Please be aware that possession and sale of even small quantities of marijuana remain illegal in North Carolina.

Quiet Hours:  Enfield enforces a noise ordinance regarding unreasonably loud, annoying or frightening noise, which includes loud music or televisions.  “Quiet hours” are from 10 pm to 8 am local time.   Disruptive noise any time of the day is also considered a noise violation. 

No Parties or Events:  In keeping with our policy of allowing only registered guests, no parties or events are permitted.

Damage & Breakage:  Damages that exceed the security deposit amount will be billed to the guest and reported to the booking platform. 


The Golden Rule:  Please treat our BnB as you would like a guest to treat your own home. If do not comply with these rules, we reserve the right to ask you to leave. 

Parking:  There are two parking places available for your suite. Please do not block the driveways, so that others may get to their parking spots. Parking on the street is not recommended.